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Nanostate Waterproof & Scratch Resistant Coatings For Mobile Devices


NANOSTATE USA is a nanotechnology company specializing in Nano coatings for cell phones & tablets, with 8 branches throughout the world and growing.

Our combined experience and resources make us your single partner in state-of-the-art Nanotechnology products, no matter if you are a consumer or reseller we are here to help you every step of the way.

We deliver quality products at great prices, let us show you why so many depend on us for protecting their cell phones and tablets from day-to-day hazards saving you money & piece of mind with our proven products.

Take a few minutes and explore our website and get to know our quality product line of Nanotechnology products for cell phone & tablets.

We offer unique waterproof spray for cell phone & tablets, scratch resistant coatings for cell phones & tablets and full body nanotechnology skins with self healing properties & shock resistance.

NANOSTATE professional staff will help you make the right choices for your device.


Flash Flood

Liquid Waterproof Coating For Mobile Phones & Tablets

Flash Flood is a DIY, water resistant, protective coating designed to keep electronic devices from being damaged by water. Developed with the latest nanotechnology, Flash Flood forms an invisible barrier around your phone that prevents water from bonding with any of the surface. This prevents damage and corrosion that affect more than one third of all mobile phones.

Flash Flood is 40,000 times thinner than a human hair and does not affect the visual appearance of the phone in any way. It does not affect charging, sound conductance, or touch sensitivity, including fingerprint scan buttons.

Life Span : Lasts for 6-12 months depending on usage, gamers – 6 Months & general use 12 Months
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 3-4 Phones


Alienskin Full Body Screen Protector Shield

Nanotechnology Full Body & Screen Protector Shield Self Healing / Shock Resistant / Anti Fingerprint LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Looking for some added shock protection? Look no further. Alien skin is a clear protector that applies additional protection to your phone.
It does not just cover the screen, but the back and sides as well.
Alien Skin is self-healing. If the protector itself gets scratched, it will heal the scratch right before your eyes.

Alien Skin also provides UV protection, fingerprint resistance, and can be used in combination with other Nanostate products.

Lifetime guarantee. That’s right. Free lifetime replacement of your Alien Skin.

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Life Span : Lifetime Guarantee – free replacement.


Liquid Sapphire

Liquid Screen Guard Scratch Resistant LCD Coating For Mobile Phone & Tablets

Liquid Sapphire is a DIY liquid screen guard for phones & tablets. It uses the same state-of-the-art nanotechnology used in Flash Flood to offer invisible scratch protection to the screens of smart phones and any number of other types of devices. It does not affect the sensitivity or clarity of your device in any way.

Liquid Sapphire is not only scratch resistant, but fingerprint resistant, UV resistant, and chemical resistant.

Life Span : Lasts up to 3 years
Shelf Life : 2 Years
Coverage : 2-3 Phones



Liquid Scratch Proof For External Aluminium Body Shells

Titanium is a DIY scratch protector for aluminum surfaces. Designed originally to protect the aluminum casings of some smart phones, Titanium can protect any aluminum surface, such as the MacBook. It is invisible and will not affect any of the functions/features of your device.

Titanium is not only scratch resistant, but fingerprint resistant, UV resistant, and chemical resistant.

Life Span : Lasts up to 3 years
Shelf Life : 18 Months
Coverage : 2-3 Phones


Video Demo’s

We believe our products speak for themselves. Browse our most recent videos below.

How To Apply Alienskin iPhone 6

How To Apply Liquid Sapphire – Liquid Screen Protector


iPhone 5s Waterproof DIY Kit By Nanostate

Waterproof DIY Kit For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 4 Waterproofing Home DIY Kit

Scratch Proof iPhone Screen DIY Coating

Scratch Proof Coating For iPhone 5s Back By Nanostate

Scratch Proof Coating For Mac Airbook


Reseller Opportunities With Nanostate.




NANOSTATE is a dynamic young company and has grown in the past years. In the meantime we are represented worldwide, but we have only just started to take on the world. Special people are the foundation of our success – the best product can’t be sold if nobody is able to show the people how good the product really is. We welcome resellers through the USA and are always looking for the right partners where NANOSTATE products are not available yet.







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